Sunday, October 14, 2012

Functional styles

  1. Fiction (poetry, emotive prose, drama).
  2. Scientific / Technical Style (various fields of science and technology).
  3. Popular Scientific Style (science fiction).
  4. Newspaper (brief news items, headings, advertisements, features, editorials, leaders).
  5. Business (official documents).
  6. Style of Legal Documents (business letters, contracts).
  7. Administrative Style (memorandums, military documents, pacts, treaties).
  8. Medical (dentistry; drugs; microsurgery; diseases, e.g., children’s diseases).
  9. Colloquial Style (slang, contractive forms).
  10. The Internet (emails, chat, blogs, websites, virtual worlds, chat groups, webinars).
  11. Public speeches.

Stylistics vs Literary Criticism

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