Sunday, October 14, 2012

Research topics in the field of stylistics

1. Popular scientific style as a means of conveying information
2. Analysis of scientific style and its genres
3. Technical style in various fields of technology
4. Science fiction and its origins
5. Popular scientific style and science fiction: a comparative analysis
6. Types and functions of newspapers in the United Kingdom
7. Pragmatics of a newspaper style
8. Newspaper genres and their functions
9. The style of brief news items and the feature articles: a comparative analysis
10. Stylistic peculiarities of newspaper advertisements
11. Editorials, leaders and features as genres of the newspaper style: a comparative analysis
12. Newspaper headings and their characteristic features
13. Business style and its genres
14. The style of official documents: forms and functions
15. The style of legal documents (contracts, etc.)
16. Business letter writing traditions and stylistic features in the modern society
17. Administrative style and its characteristic features (memorandums, military documents, pacts, treaties)
18. Medical style and characteristic features of its genres (dentistry; drugs; microsurgery; diseases: children’s diseases, etc.)
19. Colloquial style as a simple communicative style (case studies)
20. Slang and its features in different countries: a comparative analysis
21. The Internet style and its differences from other styles: a comparative analysis
22. Internet style and its genres (comparative analysis of genres)
23. Sports news in the newspaper style
24. Newspaper clich├ęs and their effects on the readers
25. Journalistic style and its functions
26. Stylistic functions of acronyms in English newspapers
27. Functions of acronyms in various styles
28. Stylistic devices in non-fiction styles: a comparative analysis
29. Stylistic peculiarities of public speeches: a comparative analysis
30. Pragmatics and stylistics: a comparative study
31. The pragmatics of style
31. Stylistics and translation
32. Linguistic stylistics and literary stylistics: a comparative study
33. Allusions in various styles (newspaper, business, public speeches, etc.): a comparative analysis
34. Stylistic analysis of public speeches (comparative analysis of various speeches given by famous people)
35. Scientific and popular scientific style: a comparative analysis
36. Public speech and face-to-face communication: a comparative analysis
37. Stylistic devices and expressive means: a comparative study
38. Advertisements and announcements in newspaper style: a comparative study
39. Forms and functions of commercial correspondence (offers, orders, invoices, claims, complaints, etc.): a comparative analysis
40. Eliminating emotionality and expressiveness in technical and scientific style: a comparative study.

Stylistics vs Literary Criticism

  We should not confuse stylistics with literary criticism.   Stylistics (or linguistic stylistics) is a branch of linguistics. It investi...