Sunday, October 14, 2012

Two basic fields of investigation

1. The first field is the investigation of SDs (Stylistic Devices) and EMs (Expressive Means) deals with such general language problems as the aesthetic function, synonymous ways of rendering similar ideas, emotional embellishment, the interrelation between language and thought the individual manner of an author in making use of language, and many other issues.

2. The second field, FSs (Functional Styles), discusses oral and written varieties of language, the notion of the literary (standard) language, the constituents of texts more extensive than the sentence, the generative aspect of literary texts, and a few more.


Pragmatic Stylistics


Transferred Epithet

Gothic Novel

Stylistics vs Literary Criticism

  We should not confuse stylistics with literary criticism.   Stylistics (or linguistic stylistics) is a branch of linguistics. It investi...